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Second Shift A Cappella is a vocal group based in the Triangle. The group formed in 2007, and has taken advantage of the growing popularity of “a cappella” music from breakout groups like Pentatonix and movies like Pitch Perfect 2.  Their members live throughout the area and have diverse musical backgrounds, with many having sung in vocal groups in college or with other organizations. They do song covers from the last thirty years, with a wide variety of musical styles.  

Josh Brown
  • Member since January 2015
  • Musical Co-Director Fall 2016 and Spring 2017
  • Webmaster Fall 2017
Josh is a bass from East Lyme, Connecticut.  After making the sensible move down South and spending his college years directing an a cappella group at UNC, he chose to remain in the area to work as a software engineer.  Josh has been singing with Second Shift since January of 2015.  His musical background includes many years of piano and violin, as well as singing with the UNC Tarpeggios, Carolina Choir, the UNC Chamber Singers, and the Concert Singers of Cary.  When not singing, Josh enjoys reading, cooking, and learning new instruments.

Jessica Efird
  • Founding Member
  • Musical Co-Director Spring 2007, Fall 2007, Spring 2009, Fall 2009, Fall 2010, Fall 2017
  • Administrative Director Spring 2008, Spring 2013
  • Business Director Spring 2012, Fall 2013, Spring 2016, Spring 2017
Jessica is an inspired soprano/mezzo/alto (working her way down to bass) from Durham. Jessica’s a cappella background was initially stifled by a family rule against singing at the dinner table, but then blossomed with four and a half years in Duke’s Sapphire, a year and a half with the Raleigh JayChords, and random bursts of song, often in public places. When not singing, Jessica attacks her laundry list of art projects, spends lots of time with friends, and goes to work.

 Amitha Gade
  • Member since June 2017

Amitha is an optimistic alto from Morrisville. She has been singing with Second Shift since June of 2017. Amitha’s musical background includes singing a cappella for six years with Saint Louis University’s Beyond All Reason and Duke’s Something Borrowed Something Blue, playing any instrument she can get her hands on, and always harmonizing to the radio. When not singing, Amitha enjoys all things Harry Potter, playing volleyball, and guessing the endings of shows and movies. She also lives a double life as a mad scientist.

 Chris Kudlick

  • Member since August 2017

Chris is a boisterous bass from Cary, NC.  He has been singing with Second Shift since August of 2017. Chris’s musical background includes 3 years in his college a Capella group, the UNC Tarpeggios, and one year in his high school a Capella group and Chamber Choir. He also plays Guitar, Piano, Ukulele and Alto Sax.  When not singing, Chris enjoys perpetually trying to get in shape, engaging in pretentious film analysis, and watching/re-watching Survivor with his equally nerdy friends.


Freddy Landess
  • Member since July 2014
  • Musical Co-Director Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2017

Freddy is a soaring, agile, and lyrical tenor 1/vocal percussionist from Charlotte, who spends too much time thinking of appropriate and inappropriate adjectives for himself.  Having spent relatively little time focusing on singing in high school, in college he threw himself into choir, musical theater, and a cappella music with an imprudent level of enthusiasm.  He is also the youngest member ever accepted by Second Shift, and has been informed that he is first member born in the 90’s which he thinks is just fine thank you very much.  When not singing, he loves reading, cooking, arguing with strangers on the Internet, and descending into debauchery.

Corey Liles
  • Member since January 2007
  • Musical Co-Director Fall 2007, Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2015, Spring 2016
  • Business Director Spring 2008, Fall 2010
Corey is a stoic, heroic, protozoic tenor from Chapel Hill. After doing his share of high school choir and musical theater, Corey spent several years playing intimate venues such as the car, the shower, and various karaoke bars. He is excited to be back in the public eye singing a cappella. When not singing, Corey enjoys making maps, drinking coffee, Tarheel sports, and just about anything outdoors.

Lilly MacNell
  • Member since June 2015
  • Musical Co-Director Fall 2016
Lilly is an acceptable alto living in Raleigh, NC. Growing up in New Jersey, Lilly never expected she’d live (much less love) the South, but now that’s she’s here you won’t get her to leave! Lilly has been musically inclined since a young age, performing in choirs, concert band, orchestras, marching bands, and jazz bands, as well as with the University of Central Florida’s first co-ed a cappella group, Gemini Blvd. Lilly is a professor of public health at Campbell University and an unabashed nerd. In her spare time, she enjoys beating her husband at Scrabble, attempting ill-advised Pinterest projects, and taking gigabytes of cat pictures.

Jason Moldoff
  • Member since February 2012
  • Musical Co-Director Spring 2012, Fall 2013, Fall 2014, Spring 2015
  • Business Director Fall 2017
Jason Moldoff is a bodacious tenor/baritone and dedicated vocal percussionist originally from Sharon, MA. An alumnus of The Doo-Wop Shop from UMass Amherst, Jason is a professor of Communication at Durham Tech. He earned his PhD in Journalism and Mass Communication from UNC Chapel Hill in 2010. He does not give extra credit.

Devi Swain
  • Member since March 2017
Devi is a soprano/alto from Durham. She has been singing with Second Shift since March of 2017. Devi’s musical background includes singing in various choirs and solo gigs for over twenty years. When not singing, Devi enjoys being a research scientist, mama, wife, and Pittsburgh sports-fanatic.

Ellie Wang
  • Member since June 2016
Ellie Wang is a soprano from Gainesville, Florida, she moved to Raleigh, NC after graduation in pursuit of change in seasons. She has been singing with Second Shift since June of 2016. Ellie’s Musical background includes singing in her high school choir and University of Florida Women’s chorale. When not singing, Ellie enjoys salsa dancing, geocaching and painting. She is also secretly the tooth fairy.

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