Second Shift performs a variety of song styles, including pop, country, rock, and jazz pieces. We’re here because we love singing, so we make sure to try new things and bring in new songs regularly.

Current Music

Title Original Artist Arranger
All Coming Back Meatloaf Corey Liles
Circle of Life Lion King Cast Josh Brown
Dance In The Graveyards Delta Rae Alex Coulson
Don’t Stop Me Now Queen Freddy Landess
Freedom 90 George Michael Value Vocals
I Wanna Dance /
We Found Love
Rihanna /
Whitney Houston
Amitha Gade /
Zack Merritt
Make Me Feel Janelle Monae Corey Liles
Something To Talk About Bonnie Raitt Amitha Gade
Take Me To Church /
Like A Prayer
Hozier / Madonna Josh Brown
Valerie as performed by
Amy Winehouse
Ali Rodriguez /
Freddy Landess
Wait for It Hamilton Cast Turner Davis
What Side of Love Parachute Chris Kudlick