General Information

Q: What is Second Shift?

A: We are an adult co-ed a cappella group in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill,North Carolina).

Q: What kind of music do you sing?

A: We try to have a variety of styles that are musically challenging. Some of the songs we perform are well known, but some are more obscure. We actively try to branch out into different types of music.

Q: Don’t you ever use any instruments?

A: Nope! All of the musical (and other) sounds we produce are strictly from our own mouths. However, we do use pitch pipes to start songs in the right key and pianos to practice.

Q: When did the group start?

A: The planning started in late 2006 and the group had initial auditions and started rehearsals in January 2007 under the name “The Looney Tunes.” In September 2009 the group name was officially changed to “Second Shift.”

Q: What is the group affiliated with?

A: We are not affiliated with any group or university. This is an independent a cappella group.

Q: How is Second Shift funded?

A: We have minimal member dues, but get most of our funding from paying gigs and fundraisers. We’re also seeking out arts grants and non-profit funding for the next year. Of course, if you feel moved to make a donation, we would greatly appreciate your support! Just let us know.


Performance Information

Q: How often do you perform?

A: As often as we can. We’ve performed in several different settings, including local collegiate a cappella concerts and community events. We perform regularly with other groups and typically host a major concert once a year.

Q: How can I find out about upcoming performances?

A: You can come back to the site regularly or go to our Facebook page and Like us.

Q: How many songs do you normally sing at a concert?

A: The number of songs depends on the situation. For guest spots, we normally do about 3 songs. For performances at community events, we might do 5-7 songs. And for our own concerts each year, we’ll perform 12-14 songs.

Q: How can I book Second Shift for a performance?

A: See our Contact Us page and click the appropriate link, and our Business Director will contact you.

Q: How much does it cost to book Second Shift?

A: Our rates are flexible based on the location of the concert, the number of songs requested, and the type of performance. For community events and non-profit organizations, for example, we’re normally able to do pro bono concerts.


Membership and Auditions

Q: How many people are in Second Shift?

A: We keep our member count between 8 and 12.

Q: What is the age range in Second Shift?

A: We’re an adult group, so 21 is the youngest, but there’s no upward limit. Generally, our members are in their 20s to 50s.

Q: How often do you rehearse?

A: Once a week, plus we have additional sectionals monthly or as needed.

Q: How can I join Second Shift?

A: Second Shift only holds auditions when there is member turnover or the group decides to expand. If you would like to be added to our audition list, please send us an email at auditions@second-shift.org. You can also come back to the site regularly to check for upcoming auditions, or you can subscribe to our Facebook page.

Q: Do you have to have prior a cappella experience to audition?

A: No! We have several members that have had experience with other types of singing such as choirs, high school chorus, etc before joining us. We even have one or two whose only singing experience was in the shower.

Q: What is the audition like?

A: It varies and can include any combo of the following: scales, singing back notes or chords played on a piano, sight singing, blending exercises, dynamics and vibrato exercises, or rhythm exercises. A prepared solo is always required, and we ask for some background information on an audition questionnaire.